Monday, September 13, 2010

Burlap Wall Art

I've been searching for some kind of wall art to put above my bed but couldn't find anything I liked. I found this really great frame at Goodwill ( $9) that fit perfectly above my bed, but I didn't like the painting that it came with. I decided to cover the painting with burlap- You can find burlap at most fabric stores($5) and I painted the frame a deep chocolate brown to match the colors in my room ($3). I didn't want to just put pictures in the frame so I decided to do something different. I found some lettered wall art at Hobby Lobby and nailed it to the frame ($15) The letters are a little big but I like the way it turned out. This was a pretty easy fix although it took quite a few steps to finish it. All in all it cost me $32 to make- which wasn't the cheapest fix, but depending on what you want it can be done cheaper. Wooden letters would have probably cut the price in half, and getting plain fabric instead of burlap would have also cut the price down a lot. There are lots of great options you can use to fix up wall art.

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