Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Button Flowers

Lacey and I saw the CUTEST idea at Scott's Antique Market last year when we went and decided to replicate them and add our own twist. Scott's had a vase full of "Button Flowers" at their front desk. We studied them carefully to see how they were made and headed to Michaels. They had used wire (thick enough to stand up but not too thick so it wont fit through the buttons) and stuck them up through a set of stacked buttons and back down under the buttons to secure them. We went to the sale sections and found some super cute paper flowers and decided we would try it out to see if they would stay. They did, and we spent an hour making these buttons. Once you get the hang of it, you can make them very quickly. You can pick whatever patterned flowers and buttons that will match your room. They are cute to decorate any room of your house with, and are reasonably cheap!

You will need:
* A bag of buttons (you can find at Michaels or any craft store)
* A package of paper flowers (we found ours at Michaels)
* A pack of silver or gold wire (Make sure they will fit through the buttons)
* A cute vase to put the flowers in

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