Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hand Stand Time

This is one of our favorite crafts that we have completed, and we actually thought about selling them. We need to make them in bulk to make any money though!

We found these "hands" at Scott's Antique Market. (Can you tell that we love that place yet?!)The guy sold us 3 of them for $8 a piece. The hands were used back in the day at Latex factories as a mold for the gloves. It looks completely random on its own, so we decided to go to Michaels and get some different shaped plaques to serve as a base for the hand.

Next we needed fabric to cover the base. I actually found a decorating store that was going out of business a couple of years ago, and they were selling their curtain swatches for like 10 cents a piece. Naturally, I freaked out at the sale and bought all of them. You may not get this lucky, but shop around at some curtain stores and you may hit the jack pot. You could also find cute fabric at a thrift store for dirt cheap, or even a cut fabric from a pillow you aren't using.

Once you have your hand, base, and fabric, you will need to flatten the fabric tightly around the base and use a staple gun to fasten the fabric securely. It took a few tries, and a lot of aggravation, but we eventually got the hang of stapling the fabric tightly. Once the fabric is in place, add 2 large holes into the fabric and base using a drill. Take 2 large (and long) screws and screw them up through the bottom of the base so that the hand does not move at all. Wallah!!

You could even paint a cool design on the side of the hand to add some texture. We did one for Lacey's room, but we did not like the way it turned out. I suggest drawing your design in pencil first and keeping the detail to a minimum.

Don't get me wrong, this project took a long time, but it is worth the time! It is great for gifts, or to use as a jewelry holder in your own room. Love it!

You will need:
*A Latex factory hand
*A swatch of fabric large enough to cover the base
*A plaque to use as the base
*Staple gun/staples
*Screw driver/Drill
*Long screws

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