Monday, October 11, 2010

A Step Up

So this was one of my absolute favorite "salvages" that I saw at Crate and Barrel one day. I took a picture of it and decided to do it myself. It honestly took me a really long time to find an old salvaged ladder ( antique store for $12) but after looking for a few weeks I FINALLY found one! I bought chain and wire at home depot ($7), old frames from thrift stores ($10) and printed pictures from target ($8). I arranged the pictures the way I wanted them and hung them individually with chain. I attached the chain and frames with S hooks and wire. There was a lot of steps to this piece but now that it's done I'm really happy with it and I get tons of compliments! I hung it up right when you walk in my door so it's a great conversation piece!


  1. Incredible! In fact, I think yours looks better than the Crate and Barrel version! I am really impressed! Thank you SO much for linking up this week and giving me some major eye candy!!


  2. This is SO cute! I love how yours turned out!