Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Plant Terrarium

I saw this at an art show and thought it was such a great idea to try out for our blog. They were selling these guys for $100-$200 EACH!!...sooooo I wanted to see how cheap I could make it myself reusing materials I already had laying around the house. Do you an old fish tank sitting in a closet or basement that you don't know what to do with? Bring em out!! ( if you don't have one I'm pretty positive you can find one at almost any goodwill) For this "salvage" you need:
~ A large fishbowl ( or any clear object that will be suitable for live plants)
~ Small rocks
~ Plants
All you have to do is place the plants where you want them to go ( be careful when handling cacti- they HURT!) and carefully pour your small rocks around your plants. After everything is all said and done clean the glass of your terrarium with windex so there are no smudge marks, and wallah! a beautiful plant terrarium!...so long Nemo!
DISCLAIMER: make sure you take care of your plants....this is a live salvage, dont kill your art!

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