Thursday, July 22, 2010


If you like wine as much as I do, you are in luck!! Wine cork boards are very easy to make and is one of my favorite crafts to make to this day. If you save your corks, you will be set. But if you do not have many, go to a local Italian restaurant and see if they have saved any that they want to get rid of. Next, you want to find an old frame from the thrift store or from around your house. Then you can then glue corks into it in a cross-hatch pattern and have a quite fun cork board!

A fun way to spice up your tacks is to super glue buttons onto the back of them. I found a jar of old buttons at a thrift store and just laid them backside up on a paper towel and put a dab of super glue and then a tack. Hold the tack down in place long enough for it to dry. The brighter the buttons, the more interesting your board!

You will need:
*A frame with either glass or wood or cardboard backing (Or you can do it on a mirror)
*Super glue or Monkey glue
*A sharp knife or scissors
*Lots and lots of old wine corks
*Old or new buttons

TIP- I recommend laying the corks on the surface to make sure they all fit before you begin gluing.

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