Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is one of our cheapest crafts yet. Lacey and I found a bunch of $3 boring, black mirrors at Ikea and decided to spruce them up! This may look like a frame that has a print of tags on it, but really it is just a piece of scrap book paper! You can do this on any frame you may be getting bored of. First you need to get your frame ready, buy some decoupage glue from Michaels (You can get the smallest jar for about $3) and then while you are at Michaels, pick out your favorite scrap book page. Next, you place the frame on the back of the scrap book paper and trace it so you know what size to cut the paper. Then you apply a thin layer of the glue onto the frame and place the paper on top. Make sure you use a knife or pencil to smooth down the paper so that there are no bubbles. Once the glue has completely dried, apply one or two more coats of the glue, and you are done!

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