Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is That Dried...Fruit?!

So excited about this one!! So, this isn't a "fix up" project, but it is just as awesome. I went to an antique market a couple of months ago, and saw a bunch of clear jars filled with....fruit. I never would have thought to dry fruit and actually use it as decoration, but since I saw all those jars, I have wanted to replicate it! I had been looking for a centerpiece for my living room table, and instead of picking just one piece, I found some old Ball and Knox jars to line up on my table. My friend recently told me that there are little numbers on the bottom of every Ball Jars and they tell a story...

Back in the day, people used the jars to store moonshine and during the Prohibition, people got rid of all the jars with the number "13" on the bottom of them because they were considered unlucky. So, if you ever find a Ball jar with a 13 on the bottom, hold tight and run, you have a great find!!

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