Friday, October 8, 2010

Coral Me Pink!

Well, this isn't pink except for the bottom of the coral, but I am running out of cute ideas for names. Any suggestions?

This is another piece we made for the wall behind our television in the living room. On a trip to Pottery Barn a while ago, I became obsessed with their beach themed room. I normally think that all white and beige rooms are very boring, but this room was the farthest thing from it. I loved the coral and the drift wood and white candles in glass jars. My roommate and I went on a search for some beachy things to make and stumbled upon a large piece of coral at Home Goods. Random? Yes. I could not figure out how to frame it, but then remembered a picture I saw in a magazine that had empty frames hanging on a wall and I loved the idea. So, we found a 10 cent frame at a thrift store and began to paint and distress it. Next, we had to figure out how to hang the coral, since it is so delicate. (You can already see the huge hole I put in it) The only solution I came up with was sewing it to the frame. I found some neutral thread and sewed the sides to the frame, and surprisingly it worked. I really wish I would not have put a hole in it. : ( It just gives it character I suppose!

Below are some pictures of Pottery Barn's beach themed room. It's all about the inspiration...

The little boy at the bottom is my cute cousin, Kyle, when he was little. He LOVED to eat sand and my aunt caught him red handed in this picture. I want to put this picture somewhere in our living room, but need some ideas on how to make it cute. Any suggestions?

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  1. ok so this is way late on the post but why don't you put it in a mason jar, like up against the edge of the jar and fill the rest of the jar with sand?