Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frame It

My roommate and I were looking for some decorative frames to put on our living room wall, and I could not find one that I liked. So, I went to the thrift store, of course, and found an empty frame for 25 cents. I brought the frame home, painted it brown, distressed it using a hammer and sand paper, and got to work on the inside. We decided that we wanted to keep up with the 'beachy' theme, so we found some left over burlap from another project, some cute scrap book paper, and a beach photo. We cut the burlap and folded the insides over the back of a manila cardboard frame so that it only covered a framed portion. Next, we taped the scrap book paper to the back of the frame, and taped the photo in the center. This is one of our cheapest and easiest crafts yet. Nothin to it.

I should have gotten a "before photo" so you could see what we started with, but here is a picture of the frame before we added the picture:

You will need:

* Frame
* Burlap (enough to cover the size of the frame)
* Cute scrap book paper (you can find at any craft store for cheap)
* Photograph
* Tape/Glue
* Things to distress the frame with (Nails, sand paper, hammers, etc.)

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