Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flower Chandeliers

This is not a thrift store find, but it was still pretty darn cheap! While shopping around at Marshalls one day, I stumbled upon some Martha Stuart Wedding crafts. There was a box of tissue paper that you could turn into hanging flowers, and I though, why not give it a shot?! They looked pretty cute! I think people used them for wedding showers, but I decided to see how they would look in my bedroom.

I got to work and read the directions carefully, wondering how in the world a bunch of tissue paper could look like a flower. You had to first make an accordion style fan with the layers of the tissue paper. Next, you folded them in half and placed a thing piece of wire around the middle and twisted it so that the there was enough wire hanging off of the top. Then I had to pull back the tissue paper piece by poece and "fluffed" the flower so that it looked full.

My directions seem a little broad, so one day I will post pictures of how to make it step by step.

My roommate loved the flower that I had in my bedroom, and instead of us getting a cute light for the living room, we decided to make it super girly and just add some flowers! We love them!!

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  1. So cute! i need you to teach me how to make some for my craft room!